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The trails

In the Aventure Park of Bardonecchia there are a number of trails of differing levels (green, blue and red) from simple to challenging. It is compulsory to use protective kit and equipment which is provided directly by the Adventure Park to guarantee maximum safety. 

The park is made up of:

THE GREEN TRAIL:  an easy trail suitable for children over 8 and adults. There are 3 artificial structures that increase in height from 2 to 4 metres and they are ideal for people who are new to adventure parks. From the third platform (4 metres high) it is possible to reach the Blue Trail.

THE BLUE TRAIL: an easy to medium trail which is built into the trees and is made up of 22 platforms with a number of activities at varying heights from 4 to 7 metres.

THE RED TRAIL: a challenging trail that is built entirely on the trees with 5 platforms at heights ranging from 6 to 10 metres.

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