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Recommendations to ensure that you may enjoy yourself in complete safety whilst respecting the nature and the people around you.

  •  Keep to the signposted paths and ensure that you don’t go against the flow of the bike traffic 
  • Do not exceed your own limits and always proceed at a moderate speed. 
  • Be careful and courteous when overtaking or passing walkers (who always have the right of way). 
  • Check that your mountain bike is in good working order before you set off. 
  • Make sure you have the right equipment with you including something to eat and drink.  
  • If you are cycling alone please inform friends or family in advance of your planned itinerary.  
  • It is highly advisable to wear a helmet.  
  • Respect private and farm property.  
  • Be careful when you are near motorized and agricultural vehicles.  
  • Respect the environment, the flowers and the woodland. Do not go off the tracks. 
  • Respect the animals.
  • Take any leftovers with you. 

Please remember that you are in a mountain environment - you may find natural obstacles in your path and the weather can change suddenly. If you are a relative beginner and are afraid of getting lost please book a mountain bike instructor to accompany you

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